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28-30- [Palestina] Haifa conference (conferenza)

To the participants in the 2nd Haifa Conference for the return of
 Palestinian refugees and for the Democratic Secular State in Historic
 The preparatory committee is welcoming all those interested in participating
 in the conference.
*Program Outline*
 We are still working on the program of the conference, but we are able to
 publish a tentative initial outline that may help you make your plans.
 Friday, May 28
 15:00 Walking tour in Haifa.
 17:00 Reception: Films, Food
 19:00 Opening Session: Key political speakers, Cultural program
 Saturday, May 29
 9:00 - 9:30 Gathering and registration + Breakfast
 9:30  - 10:00 General meeting
 10:00 - 11:45 Three parallel Workshops
 12:00 - 13:45 Three parallel Workshops
 14:00 - 15:00 Lunch
 15:00 - 16:45 Three parallel Workshops
 17:00 - 18:00 Presentation of workshop results in plenum
 18:00 Dinner
 19:00  - 22:00 Cultural Event
 Sunday, May 30
 10:00   Trip to the Galilee: The destroyed villages and to unrecognized
10:00 - 15:00 - Consultations for the establishment of an international
*Proposed Subjects for Workshops*
 The exact subjects for the workshops are still under discussion. Some of the
 issues that are likely to be handled are:
    - The return of Palestinian refugees - how to bring it back to the center
    of the political struggle and how to promote its implementation?
    - The call for a Democratic Secular State and its effect on the current
    struggle against occupation and Israeli Apartheid.
    - Different views about the nature of the future Democratic Palestine.
    - Human Rights and International Law reasoning for the call for return
    and a democratic secular state.
    - The role of Palestinian political prisoners and participation from the
    prisoners in the discussion.
    - Homage to Haifa: History, Ethnic Cleansing, Working for the return of
    the refugees.
 There will be special workshops for activists to participate in discussing
 experiences and building together for future struggle:
    - Connecting Palestinians in struggle between 48, 67 occupied territories
    and the Diaspora.
    - Building the international solidarity movement.
    - Arab-Jewish partnership in struggle.
 *Languages:* All major discussions will be held in Arabic, Hebrew and
 English with simultaneous translation.
 * Additional Details*
 ·        *Registration*
 -     There are no registration fees to the conference.
 -     We will thank you if you contact us to let us know that you are coming
 and what parts of the conference you are interested to attend to help us
 make our preparations.
 -     All the conference is paid for by donations and your contribution will
 be appreciated.**
 ·        *Accommodation*
 -         Activists from Haifa and the region will host guests from other
 -         We request guests to inform us of their interest in accommodations
 ·        *Tours***
 -         Guests from abroad interested in tours to familiarize themselves
 with other aspects - political and social - of the struggle, are requested
 to inform us. We will be ready to help in organizing guided tours and more
 political encounters.
    - *Information:*
 *      **Yoav Bar   
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 *      Sahar Abdo  Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
 * *
 ·        *Participation in absentia*
 *Unfortunately the conference dates could not be suited to the schedules of
 all those who found interest in it. We welcome participation in absentia in
 the following ways:*
    1. *Publishing articles, studies, and position papers about the right of
    return and the democratic secular state at the conference website.*
    2. *Support and greeting letters to the conference will be posted on the
    website and we shall read them out at the opening session.*
    3. *We welcome the initiative to hold preparatory or parallel events in
    other locations.*
    4. *We call on all supporters of the goals of the conference to contact
    us in order to work together for the building of an international coalition
    for the return of the Palestinian refugees and for the Democratic Secular
    state in Historic Palestine.*
 * *
 *THE HAIFA CONFERENCE WEBSITE: **www.ror1state.org*
 The site is currently only with the materials of the 1st conference.
It will
 be updated soon.
The second Haifa Conference For the Return of the Palestinian Refugees and
for the Democratic Secular State in Historic Palestine 28-30/5/2010
* Call for participation in the preparations *
For more than a hundred years, our Palestinian people suffer from the
robbery of their national and human rights. The majority of Palestinians are
refugees dispersed all around the world. Gaza , which stands strong in its
resistance to the occupation, is subjected to intense criminal siege. The
racist occupation regime continues is campaign of ethnic cleansing against
our people all around the country by way of confiscations, demolishing
houses and villages, the confiscation of identity papers and prevention of
residency rights, the prevention of marriage and denial of family
unification, and the building of walls and settlements. All of us suffer
from oppression, discrimination and subjugation in all aspects of life under
a brutal racist regime.
Our Palestinian people registered heroic pages in the struggle to defend
their legitimate rights, first and foremost the right of return, till they
became to symbolize sacrifice for freedom on both Arab and International
level. The Israeli response was always severe oppression and more wars. Last
year´s campaign of massacres against our people in the Gaza Strip is a
blatant example... Their aggression and occupation are not limited to
Palestine , but also hit other Arab peoples and countries. The danger of an
all out war is still threatening the security of the region and world peace.
Year after year we see how the so called "peace process" is only camouflage
for the imperialist political projects. This process doesn´t contribute in
any way for the restoration of the robbed rights of our people. It is only
designed to support the racist Zionist regime as it acts to perpetuate the
occupation and to prevent the return of the refugees.
The only program for the relieving of the suffering of our people and for a
solution of the conflict is the restoration of the patriotic and national
rights of the Palestinian people, the adoption of the principles of
democracy and human rights as the base for a solution and rejection of and
resistance to ethnic cleansing, oppression and racism. It means the return
of all Palestinian refugees to all the areas from which they were expelled
and the constitution of one democratic secular state on all of the Palestinian
national soil.
On 20-21/6/2008, the first Haifa conference for the right of return and the
democratic secular state in Palestine was convened. It aroused a lot of
interest and was widely welcomed among political and social activist and
militants that resist Zionism from within (in the part of Palestine that was
occupied since 1948), Arab and Jews, as well as on a wider Palestinian, Arab
and International level. Following the success of this conference we are
determined to continue on the way to achieve its lofty goal, toward the
establishment of an international coalition that will support this program.
Abnaa elBalad movement, as the initiator of the convening of the first Haifa
conference, calls on all interested parties, groups and individuals to
cooperate for the success of the second conference. You are invited to take
part in the preparations for the conference, to raise suggestions concerning
the conference´s program, to take part in and organize preparatory events
and workshops, to mobilize for the conference and to actively take part in



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